I’m providing an about page, but my expected audience… is just me!  So I’ll log some thoughts here which can allow me to see snapshots of myself (especially self-reflection), and see how I grow and if this page is dynamic or static as the years pass.

As I write this, I have just turned 27 (mere weeks ago).  I gotta tell you, I don’t feel 27!  But I don’t feel early-20’s either.  I’m comfortable with 25.  I currently work for a utility construction company – but make no mistake construction is foreign to me!  I work at the corporate office assisting with estimating and software support.  Last year I married an amazing man – and know a love like I’ve never experienced.  The kind of love you build a life on: few doubts, lots of heart.  He’ll get his own posts, I’m sure.  Before we married we bought a house on an acre of land together in verging-on-rural Pennsylvania.  We have no relatives out here, as both Chris and myself grew up in the Midwest, where our parents still remain.  We have two dogs and a cat (they’ll got posts, too, no doubt).  I’d call it a simple life, and very much a stereotypical one.  I’d guess it’s ‘traditional’ because so many people elect to follow it, and I’d wager many people do find they enjoy it: college, marriage, salaries, pets, mortgage.. I know I do!

Less so about my environment, and more so about me:  Man, I am not always an easy human being (thank all the forces in this life that my husband is a kind, understanding man!).  I am stubborn, I am passionate, and I am fairly confident.  When I like something, I like it A LOT.  I am a lover and a fighter.  I think I have great communication skills, and hate using them.  I am not so good with emotions – they’re much easier let fade into memory, than confront head on.  Speaking of which, I tend to have poor short-term memory.  I am a crazy cat lady with two dogs.  I love St. Louis, MO – the city I grew up outside.  I love their sports, I love the tourist attractions, I love the rolling hills of Missouri (where I got married!).  I love my college, Purdue, and take a lot of pride having survived obtaining an aerospace engineering bachelor’s degree there.  I loved working at Purdue as a student adviser for First Year Engineering students.  I am certain that is where my life’s passions truly lie.  I love Hello Kitty, and collecting chachkies.  I love to read, I love yellow vehicles (had an ’02 Mustang then ’03 Celica, BRIGHT yellow).  I prefer stick-shift cars to automatic.  I love cows and fat, orange tabbies.  There’s a lot of love in my life, for and from people, places, and things.  I find it very easy to be happy.

As we’ve covered where my head and life are at, I’ll address where I’ve been.  I was born in Alabama, but only remained there a few years before my father moved us to England through his work.  We were in England for only a year, though I still have some memories of friends and neighbors.  I started kindergarten in Virginia, outside of Washington D.C., where our family remained for 2 more years and my little sister was born!  The summer before third grade I moved outside St. Louis, MO, where I spent the remainder of my childhood.  As mentioned, I went to college in Purdue, on the main campus in Indiana.  I spent one semester in Graduate school at University of Illinois Champaign – Urbana (my parents’ alma mater), before accepting a job in New Mexico.  I stayed in New Mexico for a year before transferring within my company to a location outside of Pittsburgh, PA.  I was there a year before I moved outside Philadelphia to shack up with my boyfriend (turned husband).  We spent less than a year in a townhouse before purchasing our first home (fiance, by then!), where we reside now.